Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stylish Outfit by sibling KLZ

Posted by ika sulaika at 3:48 PM

Yesterday , my whole family go to kota tinggi for shopping !! Serious talk , it half happy and half 'no feeling'. yeah i think because i cant buy more stuff for myself. I just buy one shawl (and i love it) and kick ball shirt *brrrr* actually , jersi bola sepak harimau selatan. Oh yeah whatever. im not love that sport. u know , kejar bola and i donnu how they play on the field. *but kau sorak2 jugak bila tngok bola choyy* . wah hipokrit pompuan ni. 

So that not the point actually ... yeah not *rolling eyes*. ihik. OK let begin !! I love to wear kontra colour. It fashion ! And i feel more confidence. Girl , what fashion u like. i mean most like? For me , muslimah fashion is very very important. Let think , before 2008 .. the total girl that wear scarf were so sad. They more love to stylish with their hair. Black hair , brown hair , yellow hair and whatsoeva. And they love to stylish with feewit style >.< . hehe i mean so sexy and u know it *sing lalala*

Fashion blogger , Sis shea ( the amethyst ) the owner of a header that i stole . I love dress but i am too short to wear it *cried* so forget it

But after 2008 *thank nona tv3* , a fashion designers make a muslimah design inspiration from other islam countries such as Arabic. Actually im not a good person to talk about this because 2x5 je. But i like to write a good thing to motived myself. This is my way :) 

So today , i become a 'fake shea' to review our stylish outfit. Nak muntoh ? silakan~ Suddently i wanna ask myself "kau macam gedik je" . OK bye~




That all girls :) Oh yeah , here is my view of my old design blog babypinkbabyblue before i edit this blog yesterday.

boooooooooo !!! -------->

pendengki sedang mendengki 

berceloteh is my favourite thing to do :P

OK daaaaaaaa~

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Cik Ain on July 31, 2013 at 10:02 PM said...

part pendengki tu lawak hahaha..

ika sulaika on August 1, 2013 at 9:17 PM said...

haha kan ? adek sye giler mungkin

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